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Intro.. [Feb. 9th, 2004|01:04 am]


I'm really glad that this community was created, I learned of it from a post the knob geeks community.

I'm very new to linux personally.. so bear with me if I have dumb questions from time to time. I still haven't completely switched yet, but the more I learn the better for that. My question today is what flavor of Linux do you guys use? What audio distros do you play with? What would you recommend. I was using Redhat for a time and I switched to Mandrake for a few days and liked it as well. Now I've finished my new music box and want to know which one to go back too, or a new flavor to try. Your suggestions are appreciated.

For more about me, and to hear examples of my music head over to http://www.failedutopia.com and check out my journal.

[User Picture]From: i_robot
2004-02-08 10:33 pm (UTC)
I'm a Slackware fan.
It's a bitch.

I'm thinking of switching distro on my main box to an easier one audio wise...
I've used most of them, I always go back to slack.
Use what you like. Give Fedora a try.

btw - your site is awesome...
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[User Picture]From: ward_54
2004-02-08 11:33 pm (UTC)


glad you like the site... I enjoyed Mandrake quite a bit and got the Alsa Patches and everything going really easily...

here's some info on all of that..

the REHMUDI package that your fav Slackware thing is built on is also pretty nice, it just didn't like my old mobo and I doubt it'll like my new one :( Dehmudi is nice too.. I played with all of these, albeit however short of a time.. I liked Mandrake the most, except for the fact that the onboard ethernet didn't work at all, but I figured out how to fix that and when I get time I'll reinstall it and play some more (I had to reformat everything to reconfigure winbloze for my new machine)...... anyways.. I may play with zipslack to get a better understanding of it, from what I've heard you learn alot through the process of f'n with it.
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[User Picture]From: theswede
2004-02-09 07:34 am (UTC)
There are some audio specialized distros out there. I haven't tried them out myself, but there are some articles by long time sound gurus on Linux out there.

AGNULA, Planet CCRMA etc. are some to check out. Go to linux-sound.org and look in the Linux Distro tab, and you'll find a chunk of information. They're all based on different distros. Personally I'm a Slackhead with a "build myself" mentality, but that's certainly not for everyone.
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[User Picture]From: nukage
2004-04-08 07:20 am (UTC)
when I use linux I use gentoo. the only gentoo I have right now is GentooX on my xbox though.
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